Sunday 21 April 2013

Alan's Birthday Card

Alan's birthday is coming up, so I decided to make his card today.  Bristol Rovers are his favourite football team, so I usually make his card in blue and white, often with a football theme.  Their nickname are 'The Pirates' and they wear blue and white quartered shirts, so that's why the little owl pirate is wearing blue and white quarters.
Thanks for all the positive comments left on my's really lovely reading them.

Friday 19 April 2013

Cut-Emboss-Ink Competition

I made this card for the Cut-Emboss-Ink competition on the Fiskarettes website.  I decided to make a card for a young lady who will be eight years old soon.  My aim was to create a card which was girlie (she loves pink!), but not too childish. 
I embossed the black background card with a small dot design to give it texture.  The pink and green background behind the silhouette was done using Adirondack inks, which I applied with Ink Dusters, on a die-cut shape.  I used a black Versafine ink pad to stamp the silhouette.  As I wanted the letters and the flowers to match the colours on the fairy picture, I inked a sheet of card using the pink ink pad and Ink Dusters. (The pink is actually a bit brighter than it appears in the photo.) I then used this to die-cut the letters and punch out the flowers.  Finally, the card was embellished with tiny white pearls in the centre of the flowers and green and white brads.
The measurements I used for scoring the right-hand side of the A4 card were, from the bottom of the card:
2½cm, 5cm, 10cms, 15cm, 22½cm
The left-hand side was scored at 15cm.
I used a craft knife to cut a line from the 2½cm score line to the 22½cm score line.

Friday 12 April 2013


A few more cards using the lovely Lavinia stamps.  The backgrounds were done using Ink Dusters and Adirondack ink pads. I find it easier to get a good result using the Ink Dusters - perhaps I just need more practise with the brayer!

Sunday 7 April 2013

Lavinia Stamps Challenge 2 # Bright and Beautiful

I decided to travel light with my craft things when we went away last week for a few days, so my Lavinia stamps were the perfect thing to take, along with my Adirondack ink pads.  The cold winds meant I had plenty of opportunities to have a play inside!  This month, the Lavinia Stamps challenge theme is 'Bright and Beautiful', so here is my 'Bright and Beautiful' card. 
I love making the backgrounds, experimenting with different colours.  There is some sparkle on the central  plant, although it doesn't show up very well in the photograph.
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